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I always wondered.
Was there any significance of the colors orange and yellow with George?

There was the picture of him wearing orange and yellow and the chairs behind him were orange and yellow. Then the confetti at Concert for George was orange and yellow.

Was there any importance of these colors in his faith or was it just that he liked the colors?

Hello Goodbye:
I think it all had to do with his Rickenbacker 360-12, DSL...


Hello Goodbye:
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I always assumed that George Harrison's recurring use of the color orange was connected to Hinduism.  "In Hinduism, orange is connected to fire symbolism, notably in the colour of robes worn by Hindu swamis. The ochre of renunciates' robes symbolizes their inner transformation, the burning away of their egos and wants. Orange also symblozes the Swadhisthana chakra."

Notable examples of George Harrison & the colour orange:

* George wore orange on the cover of the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper
* George wanted the Apple logo to be orange, and it was on his first few solo releases
* the back of the original All Things Must Pass vinyl box set was orange
* George wore orange at the Concert for Bangladesh and its album cover was orange
* Living in the Material World featured orange lettering and an orange handprint
* the front cover of Dark Horse features a few men wearing orange shirts, and the image of George on a park bench on the back cover has an orange tint
* Extra Texture's album cover is orange
* George is wearing an orange(ish) color hat and is sitting in front of a yellow-orange car on the front cover of The Best of George Harrison
* Brainwashed has a prominently orange album cover
One thing I find interesting is the sudden absence of orange during George's Dark Horse years.


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One thing I find interesting is the sudden absence of orange during George's Dark Horse years.

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