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Author Topic: "Tales from Development Hell" - The Lord of the Rings almost starred The Beatles  (Read 309 times)

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March 4, 2012
"Tales from Development Hell" - The Lord of the Rings almost starred The Beatles

Tails from development hell is a recently released book detailing many behind-the-scenes horror stories tracking the convoluted process of bringing a script to the big screen. Here's the official description:A compulsively readable journey into the area of movie-making where all writers, directors and stars fear to tread: Development Hell, the place where scripts are written, actors hired and sets designed... but the movies rarely actually get made! Among many of the scripts discussed are Neil Gaiman's Sandman films and a Planet of the Apes by James Cameron. One excerpt details a possible Lord of the Rings adaptation, with The Beatles as frontrunners for major roles, stating:Lennon was interested in the role of Gollum, with McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr opting for Frodo, Gandalf and Sam respectively.As this idea was being considered, the possibly arose to present it as an animated piece, with the designer and art director of the Yellow Submarine film, Heinz Edelman, at the helm. Edelmann has said that his version of The Lord of the Rings would not have been stylistically similar to Yellow Submarine: “The artwork would have been completely different: much less colour, and unrealistic, but without the art nouveau touch Yellow Submarine has.”

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