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This vid shows his ánd the Beatles musicianship. Thanks for sharing.

Buddy Holly sings A day in the life :angel:

Of course, it is not Buddy singing - it's just sung in Buddy's style - a mash-up of Beatles' and Buddy's style.
The band is called Big Daddy.
Hope you'll like it.

Hi everyone,
Here's a funky Beatles instrumental medley done by my very own sensei:

Rosli Mansor - The Beatles Instrumental Medley (Me & My Guitar - Live @ Esplanade Concourse)

Kick back, relax and enjoy  8)

Australian guitarist Tommy Emmanuel is the only guy I know who can play several things (on his guitar) at the same time (incredible guitarist)  ???

Tommy Emmanuel - Beatles Medley

Ok, I love this cover because the band is having so much fun on the stage with all that jumping - plus, there is crazy ending.
And Gwen Stefani is - no doubt - cute.
No Doubt - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da


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