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In My Life:
Ringo covering John...



In My Life:
I've been trying to figure out if Ringo's version of "I Call Your Name" has ever been officially released. I know it was from a British television special honoring John's 50th birthday but I first heard it on Pandora radio so I assumed that it was released. The only place I can find it is on a bootleg album. I really like it and I just want to pay my $1.25 or whatever and have it; I don't want to mess around with all that other stuff!

I guess I'm not the only one who likes it!

In My Life:
I like the way The Mamas and The Papas did the song too...cabaret style! This is a bit abbreviated compared to their album version:

The album version:
I always wondered which John Cass was calling during the bridge; Phillips or Lennon but knowing her feelings for Denny I'd now guess it was the songwriter John!

Ooo...I forgot about this folkier version. Love it too.

Flaming Lips doing A Day In The Life.

A Day In The Life


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