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Is Sgt. Pepper...´ Over-Rated?

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Maybe the people who think it's severely overrated never really listened to it.
I don't think this album is overrated. Not their best in my opinion, but it's still a very good album.

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i think the word over-rated is over-rated.


--- Quote from: TomMo on June 09, 2012, 03:23:37 PM ---In the years immediately after its release, other bands borrowed from the overall sound of Pepper's, which turned out to be the wrong move for them. Examples: "The Rascals", "The Buckinghams", and "Tommy James and the Shondells". The Rascals and the Buckinghams pretty much folded up like a cardboard suitcase soon thereafter. Tommy James squeezed out a few more hits, then did a Houdini from the music business.

The bands who truly learned from "Sgt. Pepper" were the ones who began to think outside the box, not reproduce the box.

--- End quote ---

Great response TomMo. I enjoyed reading it. I just wanted to add that I would take 'Portraits' from the Buckinghams over Pepper anyday, but thats just me.

I think people confuse "over-rated" and "over-praised."  A lot of people hate the Beatles simply because there's been so much written about them.  They're entitled to that.

Measuring the impact or importance of one work of art versus another is a fool's errand, but I think it is not too much to say that Pepper was the most arresting record of its time.  Pop star after pop star, and people who were there at the time, talk of hearing it everywhere when it was released.  And not too many records get even a mention outside discussions of artifacts from their year of release, yet Pepper continues to be this touchstone.

It's a fine record, and if it inspired awful "concept albums" in its wake, that's not the fault of the Beatles or Pepper.  I think it's one of their best; if some of the songs aren't the strongest, the atmospherics somehow hold it together. 

Yes, it's great. Yes, it's pleasant. Yes, it's an important album that probably changed the course of pop music history more than any album ever did. But is it one of the best albums ever made? Well, can an album that includes at least four songs that are not particularly great (Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!, Within You Without You, When I'm Sixty-Four, Good Morning Good Morning) and two versons of the same song really be one of the best albums ever made? I personally think that song material wise, Pepper can't hold a candle to, say, Pet Sounds or Odessey & Oracle.


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