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sexy sadie:
what do you guys think of this song? i love has to be one of my favorites on the hard day's night soundtrack. john has great vocals on this song, and i absolutely love the lyrics.  ;D

great song, very underrated

This is one of my favourites too, especially from the early years. i cannot sit still when this one os on.

I think it is one of many underrated songs.  A lot of the non-singles are.

apple sauce:
This song defines what the "Beatles" vocal harmonys and playing was up to at the time! I also like John's version of "When I Get Home" which is pure rock and roll! There is a good reason why this band was thought of as the best band in the world after releasing these songs! The early Beatle songs were so pure and uncluttered of extras! Just the lads singing  their hearts out and the basic music behind them!

sexy sadie:
when i get home is awesome too!


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