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New Beatles Sound-a-like Band Forming


Fellow Beatles Fans & Musicians,
If you've ever wanted to be in a Beatles band, this may be your chance.
Do you play guitar well & know Beatles songs? Are you between the ages of 30 & 50? Live in the Los Angeles Area?

The manager of a Beatles band has asked me to be the drummer & we are searching to fill out the band with a "John", "Paul" & a "George".
If you are interested & meet the above criteria, Please contact me @ dkforsythe@hotmail.com and place the following in the subject line: "John", "Paul" or "George" for Beatle Band.

Thank you.

Little update on the forming of the band: We have been searching for members for a few months now & had our 1st rehearsal on Oct. 28 with 5 of us. Unfortunately 2 of them have left & one we are not sure about.

To give you a better focus as to our intentions, we will be a tribute band.
What's the difference between a tribute band & a cover band, you may ask?
In a cover band the audience only needs to recognize the song. The band is free to interpret the song as they wish. A tribute band, on the other hand, plays the songs, note for note, as close to the recordings as possible. We will be the latter. But we will not wear costumes or make up to look like them. We will concentrate on sounding like the recordings.

The one guy that has become my right hand man not only owns 12 Beatles guitars (one of which is a Hofner bass copy) but is also a vocal arranger who has many original recordings that we will use as reference material for the 3 part harmonies! He has a passion for plying the Beatles music, just as I do.

We will also be a collaboration. Everyone's experience comes into play with this band. No egos. Just working together to best use the experience & equipment we all have to the better of the band.

Once we find a "Paul" or "George" we will rehearse our set list close to perfection & then begin to play gigs. That's the plan. But so far nothing has gone accrding to anyone's plan. If the new band members are sharp & can learn fast, we will begin to accept gigs that much sooner.

Our prospective "Paul" & "George" will need to have at least 15 years experience, be between the ages of 30 & 50 & live somewhere in the LA area. Hopefully one or both will also play keyboards.

If this interests you, please e-mail me @: dkforsythe@hotmail.com.
Thank you for allowing me to share.

We now have the following in the band:
Ringo (myself)
John & a
Still need a George
Anyone know a Lead Guitarist/ singer in the LA area who loves the Beatles?
If so, please have them contact us.

The time passed deserves another update!

Good news! A couple months ago we auditioned a Keyboard player who appears as though will become a member. A "George" auditioned for the part a week ago & he also looks promising.

If all goes according to the "new" plan (yeah, like, when does that happen?), we should have a completed band by the end of August!!

After an entire year of searching & contacting over 189 individuals, it appears as though Ye Olde Beetles will begin gigging soon! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

If you wish to follow Ye Olde Beetles, please see our Facebook page. Thanks!


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