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For Sale: from Sept. 6, 1964 Olympia Stadium, Detroit, MI. concert


As a young teen I had the opportunity to see The Beatles perform in person at the old Olympia Stadium, Detroit, Michigan .. Sept. 6, 1964.  This was their first American tour. 

After the concert I brought home a color photo of Ringo Starr .. my favorite Beatle.  On the back of the photo in my teen-age penmanship I wrote down my memories of the concert which included the songs they sang.

It is approaching the 50th year since that time and now I'm ready to sell my Ringo Starr photo.  I'm an "older" lady now and have no reason to hang on to it.

The photo is in excellent condition  ..  I was recently told by a Beatles autograph expert that the photo was NOT signed by Ringo Star but most likely signed by Neil Aspinall, who was The Beatles childhood friend / assistant and later became manager.  He is now deceased. 

Also, the manager of an auction site recently said the photo is quite collectible even though Neil Aspinall most likely signed it and not Ringo  ..  he told me the price the photo might fetch at auction, but I have decided to take offers instead.

See photos  ..  note:  the white mark is not on the original.

Nice picture!

Did they really play "Money" on that tour?

It has been almost fifty years ( :o ) since I saw The Beatles!!  God, I feel OLD!!!  After the concert I wrote down every song they performed  ..  yup, they DID sing MONEY. 

Just "wondering" if they stuck to a "standard" song list from one concert to another  ..  or changed it from city to city?

[ From Wikipedia:  The Beatles recorded "Money (That's What I Want)" in seven takes on July 18, 1963 with their usual lineup. A series of piano overdubs was later added by producer George Martin. The song was released in November 1963 as the final track on their second United Kingdom album, With The Beatles.[12]

I thought all concerts on that tour did have the same setlist and Money wasn't in it.
Maybe they changed it for that one night in Detroit.
Either way, I'm very jealous!  ;D

You know what  ..  it's very possible that I made a mistake when I wrote down "Money" on the back of the photo back then.  The reason I'm "thinking" I recorded the songs correctly is I wrote them down as soon as I came home from the concert when everything was fresh on my mind. 

I could swear they sang Money, but I wouldn't bet my new pair of shoes on it today ..  sheesh, a half century is a LONG time.

I just "Googled" and found this information about their 1964 concert tour .. The Beatles did switch songs but there is no mention of "Money"  . . .

This was the first real Beatles concert tour of America. Consisting of 32 shows in 34 days, The Beatles wound up breaking attendance records as they appeared at major arenas throughout the U.S and Canada. On the bill with The Beatles was the Bill Black Combo, the Righteous Brothers (backed by The Exciters), and Jackie DeShannon. The Beatles song list for this 1964 tour:

Twist and Shout**
You Can't Do That
All My Loving
She Loves You**
Things We Said Today
Roll Over Beethoven
Can't Buy Me Love
If I Fell
I Want To Hold Your Hand
A Hard Day's Night
Long Tall Sally
(**-For some shows, The Beatles would open with I Saw Her Standing There, delete She Loves You, and close with Twist And Shout).


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