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What's the consensus on who wrote "Love Me Do"?

Based on what I've read in the past, I believed it was written by John. Going by the general rule of "whoever sang it, wrote it," John said the only reason he didn't sing it was because he couldn't sing and play harmonica simultaneously. Yes, I know he could have overdubbed the harmonica on the record, but he wouldn't be able to do both on stage. So he turned the lead vocal over to Paul.

However, I recently read that Paul wrote the verses and John contributed the middle eight.

Anyone have the definitive answer?

I have always considered it a joint effort - I think many of the earlier songs were true joint compositions, where they sat together and wrote.

It is, of course, 50 years this week since it was released ...
I found this on the BBC website which I think is great. They ask today's teenagers what they think of Love Me Do. Quite a few didn't know it was The Beatles, but most of them end up enjoying the song anyway.
Considering LMD isn't even one of the Beatles' stronger songs, I think it's a fairly positive view.

joint songwriting I think

dont like the song, never have, Please Please Me is 20 times better imo ;)


--- Quote from: nimrod on October 04, 2012, 10:09:43 AM ---joint songwriting I think

dont like the song, never have, Please Please Me is 20 times better imo ;)

--- End quote ---

And the British charts would validate that statement-Love Me Do was no higher than 17, Please Please Me was number 1.

Yeah, it would be cool to repeat the exercise, but using PPM or She Loves or IWTHYH - one of the early classics rather than their very first single.
But the fact that some of those young people even like Love Me Do is testament to how good the Beatles were - even the "average" songs are better than most.


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