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5 stages of Ringo admiration

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--- Quote from: Hombre_de_ningun_lugar on August 02, 2012, 04:28:42 AM ---Ringo was a Beatle because he was BETTER THAN BEST! ;)
--- End quote ---
How dare you say he was better than Je.... oh wait! :P (No offence to anyone, I just couldnt resist!)
Well said!

I was a 16 year old drummer in 1964. Marched in the school band and played in a garage band. I bought a copy of I Want To Hold Your Hand about three weeks before the first Ed Sullivan Show appearance. So the entire list in the first post doesn't apply to me at all. My list would be:

1 - Fell in love with IWTHYH
2 - Saw Ringo on the ESS and literally pooped my pants

It was very obvious right from the very first show that Ringo was special. Within a year I thought he was the greatest R&R drummer of all time and I still feel exactly the same way.

So Ringo is not a great technical drummer. Thank you lord! Nothing more boring than a drum solo or a drummer who tries to dazzle with rudiments and flashy crap that only detracts from the song.

I'd rather think Ringo was a Beatle because he was the one that fit.
I hate to say it but unless you're a musician you might understand it, but you've never felt it. The click is a magical feeling. From all accounts I've read, the lights went on the first time they played with Ringo.

As for whether he is good or not, I have a friend who I think said it best. When they get to that level, they're all good, in their own way. You can't suck and be in a professional band for very long.


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