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I've made my own album called 'The Lost Beatles Album' with unreleased tracks (from Anthology), but only original ones written by them. I also added 'Real Love' and 'Free As A Bird'. The track listing :

1.Real Love
2.Cry For a Shadow
3.Like Dreamers Do
4.Hello Little Girl
5.If You've Got Trouble
6.That Means A Lot

7.12-Bar Original
8.Not Guilty
9.What's The New Mary Jane
10.Step Inside Love/Los Paranoias
11.Come and Get It
12.Free As A Bird

Other possibilities were 'You Know What To Do', 'Cayenne' or 'In Spite of All The Danger', but I didn't like any of those and my original plan was a 12-song album anyway.

Have you got any homemade albums?

Curiously, I was thinking about the same thing today. But I would include covers and also some songs from Live At The BBC.

1. Free As A Bird
2. Real Love
3. I'll Be On My Way
4. Some Other Guy
5. Soldier Of Love
6. Cry For A Shadow
7. How Do You Do It
8. Leave My Kitten Alone
9. If You've Got Trouble
10. That Means A Lot
11. 12-Bar Original
12. Not Guilty
13. What's The New Mary Jane
14. Come And Get It


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