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Introducing the Lads of Liverpool TV Series


Some newses for Beatles fans:

Introducing the Lads of Liverpool TV Series.
Experience The Beatles before they were fab.
Read about the project here:

I'd rather have you tell us about the project here.

Fans & Friends,
Lads of Liverpool is ultimately a 16-episode television series that tells the story of how The Beatles came to be. Each episode will be aired on Nashville Public Access Ch. 19, and on, so fans everywhere can watch.

Starting with John's birth and ending with the birth of Beatlemania, Lads of Liverpool will take you inside the childhood homes of each Beatle, as well as inside their inner circles of boyhood and teenaged friends. To bring this world to life, the Lads Team has broken the project down into phases. Phase 1 is to fund improvements to the current prototype episode. A strong prototype will be a crucial element in ensuring the project continues to move forward.

A Kickstarter Campaign will be launched soon on behalf of our current prototype. (Read full story & watch 2-minute trailer here:


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