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Tug Of War
After his experimenting and 'back to the base' with McCartney II, Paul starts off this album with this song. I think it's a wonderful song. Some might call it over-produced and it's true that it's full of all kinds of sounds. The song starts with the sound of a tug of war, men 'pushing and pulling'. I could do without that and start straight away with Paul's vocal, like he did on the single version of this song. Paul's voice and the acoustic guitar at the start sound great as it always does. Instrumentation (strings) at 0.34 adds the first extra layer. Obviously George Martin's influence here. Harmonies at 0.54. The song becomes a rock song at 2.03 with electric guitars and heavier drumming. Still it sounds like a ballad. Strings at 2.52, very nice. Plus brass at 2.58. Well done, great song and nice transition into

Take It Away
Great drumming by Ringo here and he gets some time for the show at the very start. Paul singing along in the background at 0.03. Simple tho great little bass lick by Paul. George Martin on piano leads the band into a change of rhythm, which is happening all the time. The Linda driven harmonies make this song sound like Wings. Probably the direction Paul was heading for before the band broke up. Well produced song with great brass section once again. The end is a bit too long for my liking, with harmonies and all that. The brass makes it all alright.

Somebody Who Cares
Paul with an acoustic guitar will always sound great. Well sung and played and the production sounds very good as well, still this song doesn't really do it for me. The flute sound is a little pain in the ass at 1.35. Nice acoustic guitar solo tho, but there's that bloody flute once again.

What's That You're Doing
Paul's collaborations with Stevie Wonder are not amongst his finest moments as far as I'm concerned. This song, together with Ebony And Ivory, is most probably the weakest song on the album. It's far too long (6.18). Stevie's and Paul's voices are not matching nicely as well and Paul singing disco sounds strange as well. Still I like the chorus, which is catchy enough and has nice harmonies. Beatles reminiscing at 5.12 (We love you yeah yeah yeah).

Here Today
Paul redoing Yesterday, and not only with a wink in the title. As we all know, this song is dedicated to John Lennon and for that reason it deserves much credit. Pauls voice sounds like he could break any moment and that's a quality as well. What can I say? An awesome song but maybe the weight and symbolism of it makes it a little too much of it all. Always loved the cello starting at 1.21 and the violins at 1.36.

Ballroom Dancing
Great opener for side b. Paul's rocking out on this song. Nice honky tonk piano. Pauls voice in the highest registers at 1.26 gives the song a boost. He nearly misses it the second time round at 1.39. Once again great brass section playing the solo's from 1.55. Nice instrumental break starting at around 2.35 with a great trumpet lick. The magic of that break disappears with the start of another verse. Great song tho and a great end as well.

The Pound Is Sinking
Maybe the best song on the album. It's bits and pieces somehow, but it all fits well together. Instrumentation and arrangment are wonderful. Great string arrangment as well. Listen to the guitar coming in at 1.36. Great little details to pick up. Wonderful showcase of Pauls vocal possibilities at 2.13. Very very good song this.

Paul at the piano. Sounds like a classic melody. Anyone who loves Let It Be will probably love this one as well. Once again well produced with a great overall sound. Drums a little too bombastic maybe; the style of the 80s. There's the brass section again at 1.33. All very fine, but not my piece of cake.

Get It
Funny little ditty with Carl Perkins. Like Stevie, Carl has a very distinctive voice that sounds much different than Paul's, but somehow this is a good match. Always liked the comb and paper-solo. Carls laughing at the end used to give me the shivers. I now know that it's harmless. ha2ha

Be What You See (link)
Carls laughing his way into this synth-driven link between song. Nothing more to say about it. I could have done without it, but probably Paul meant something with this that I don't see.

Dress Me Up As A Robber
The album's best song. Great powerful start, which used to be the tune of a tv-program over here in The Netherlands. Don't remember clearly if it was about sports or cars. Wonderful toms at 0.04. Pauls showing his different type of voices. Falsetto at the start with a funky guitar in the background. A really great bassline here. I absolutely dig the acoustic guitar solo (already) at 0.52. Pauls normal singing voice at 1.06, but it's still acrobatics for the vocals. Paul does a wonderful job here. Acoustic guitar still in the background. Nice interlude at 1.30, building the song up once again. Ah! That bass at 2.09!

Ebony And Ivory
The song spent some time at #1 worldwide, yet I have never met anybody who admits to like the song. This is one of those things to be a bit ashamed to be a Paul McCartney fan. It's not a bad song tho, but it's been done with the kind of sugar coating that makes your teeth fall apart. Paul and Stevie still don't really match with their voices. Typically early 80s sound with handclaps and keyboard solo. Cringe.

All in all, a really great album with The Pound Is Sinking and Dress Me Up As A Robber as the album highlights for me and the two duets with Stevie Wonder as the lows. Wonderfully arranged and produced.

I always liked this album!

One of Pauls better efforts. Looking forward to reviewing this one.

I've amended my version of this album on my itunes taking out E&I which I didn't even install on my computer when I transferred all my c.d's to m.p3s and sold them all on ebay.
1-Tug of war-Not that great but o.k
2-Take it away-Very good song altogether and imo probably the last Paul song that comes close to his best work of days of yore
3-Somebody who cares-Sounds a bit like Spirit's Taurus inst. or put another way sounds a bit like Zep's Stairway to heaven and that lyric about your car being stolen doesn't fit but I quite like the song
4-What's that you're doing?-A nice funk work-out which gets quite catchy in parts and even sounds a bit futuristic at the start
5-Here today-Not too keen on this really. It's a bit of a flat tune
6-Ballroom dancing-Top quality toe-tapper with nice big juicy melody and a few little inovative moments and a fun lyric. Love it
7-The pound is sinking-My fav. song on the album and one that I loved from when I first heard it. The epitome of a fine album track.
8-Get it-A bit too generic old fashioned for me but as it's only 2'29 I'll try and like it
9-Be what you see (link)-I lovely moving dreamy little piece of music that could have been something really special if he'd developed it into something more
10-Dress me up as robber-Like The pound is sinking this is just the eptiome of a fine album track and I love it
11-Wanderlust-A lovely tune that works well as an album closer on my re-jigged version of this generally fine album.

Nice to see that The Pound Is Sinking and Dress Me Up As A Robber are your highlights too, Toejam. No opinion on Ebony And Ivory?


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