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Author Topic: Closing some of my polls (White Album poll open)  (Read 1098 times)

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Closing some of my polls (White Album poll open)
« on: November 18, 2004, 03:38:27 AM »

I feel we need more votes in the Paul's Best on White Album before endings it (Helter Skelter and Blackbird are leading, though).  I'm closing Help! because I know that Yesterday will win.  I'll put up the Past Masters polls soon (along with MMT singles).  Here are the poll closings and the final standings for the other polls (songs in bold are in the finals.  Italics didn't make anything.  Second placers which did decent were put in the finals):

Please Please Me: I Saw Her Standing There 72.22%, P.S. I Love You 27.78%

With The Beatles (All My Loving by a LANDSLIDE, btw):  All My Loving 94.74%, Till There Was You 5.26%, Hold Me Tight 0.00%

Hard Day's Night: And I Love Her 64.29%, Can't Buy Me Love 21.43%, Things We Said Today 14.29%

Beatles For Sale: I'll Follow The Sun 71.43%, Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey 28.57%, What You're Doing 0.00%

Help!: Yesterday 80%, Another Girl 20%, The Night Before, I've Just Seen A Face, and Tell Me What You See 0.00%

Rubber Soul: I'm Looking Through You 35.29%, You Won't See Me 29.41%, Michelle 17.65%, Drive My Car 17.65%

Revolver (this one was very interesting -- The depressing songs took the cake): For No One 42.11%, Eleanor Rigby 21.05%, Got To Get You Into My Life 15.79%, Good Day Sunshine 10.53%, Here, There and Everywhere 10.53%

Sgt. Pepper (tight throughout): Fixing A Hole 30.77%, She's Leaving Home 23.08%, Getting Better 15.38%, Sgt. Pepper 15.38%, When I'm Sixty-Four 7.69%, Lovely Rita 7.69%

Magical Mystery Tour EP: Fool On The Hill 58.33%, Magical Mystery Tour 25.00%, Your Mother Should Know 16.67%

White Album: Need more votes!!! Blackbird and Helter Skelter are winning as of right now (I voted for them =P)

Let It Be (I still can't believe Get Back won, but Two of Us and Let It Be are runner-up seconds): Get Back 38.69%, Two of Us 22.22%, Let It Be 22.22%, Long and Winding Road 16.67%

Abbey Road (no contest): Oh! Darling 60.00%, Golden Slumbers Suite 20.00%, You Never Give Me Your Money 13.33%, Maxwell's Silver Hammer 6.67%

That's your final standings (besides White Album).  Putting up Past Masters now.


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