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New Stuart Sutcliffe Picture---Thanks to DM's Members Discussion

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On one of my Stuart Sutcliffe blogs, I mentioned there was a picture of Stu and John in the crowd attending a Gene Vincent concert---info I got from DM's Beatles Forum.  One of my followers questioned this statement, so I posted Bill Harry's comments about the photo.  Result: Stuart's grand-nephew supplied the picture, reproduced here.  This is Stuart Sutcliffe and John Lennon attending the Gene Vincent concert at the Liverpool Boxing Stadim on May 2, 1960.  Without DM's, this picture may not have surfaced.  Thanks!!!

Yes, thanks everybody on these forums for being with us   :)

Glad that forums help you, stuartblogtumblr!

The Swine:
is that paul mccartney right next to john?


--- Quote from: The Swine on July 30, 2012, 11:46:25 AM ---is that paul mccartney right next to john?

--- End quote ---

Could be. It looks like his eyebrows for a start. Great pics anyway.

What are your thoughts about this, stuartblogtumblr?


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