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Great bands that you just don't like

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Was working with a woman last week who had great taste in music, but she just 'didn't get' The Beach Boys, she knew she should like them, but just didn't and couldn't explain why.

I'm the same with REM & U2. I just don't like them.
So what great bands do you just 'not get?'

Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, CCR, Eagles, Queen, AC/DC, Van Morrison, Nirvana.

Cant stand any of them.

Hello Goodbye:
"Different strokes for different folks."  I guess that sums it up.

I was a reporter on my college newspaper.  I had a great beat...The Music Scene.  And I got to interview a lot of the performers.  One night, I was sent to a concert where Van Morrison was opening for the New Riders Of The Purple Sage.  The audience was a New Riders crowd and was booing Van Morrison continuously.  In the middle of a song, Mr. Morrison stopped singing and let his microphone hit the stage floor with a resounding THUD.  Then he just walked off stage.

I was looking forward to interviewing him after his act, but he left the theater.

Them - Gloria (Live)

Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin may be the greatest bands that I don't like, but I still respect them. I don't like Queen as well, but I don't respect them that much.

I loathe  U2.  They used to be great up until about 1993. Then they began bringing out rubbish

I'm don't mind Floyd but I have none of their albums. Same with the Eagles.

I loathe Coldplay with a passion but they aren't in the same league as the great bands anyway


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