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Anybody read this?  I took a flyer and ordered it on amazon, heading to the lake with lots of quiet reading time soon.

Is that the George Martin book? I have it somewhere, and started reading it once, but didn't reach the point where he meets The Beatles.

No. Never read this one. It's probably the only one I want to read now except maybe the M.Lewisham one but I'll probably be only reading those just to see how he's telling the stories we all know so well. Can't imagine he's going to come up with too much new unless he knows something noone talks about because they don't want to upset anyone. I think he's inevitably going to sanitize it to a certain extent because he won't want Paul to ostracise him.

I finished this book last weekend.  It was a quick read despite Mr. Martin spending quite a bit of time explaining advances in the technical side of recording.

The book was one that I would characterize as one of those Beatle related books you probably should read but in the end it left you wanting something. 

One somewhat annoying part was there were repeated efforts by Mr. Martin to proclaim that he deserved less credit than sometimes he got while at the same time there were plenty of times he was writing about his bitterness about not getting the credit he so surely deserved.  He seemed to talk out of both sides of his mouth.

There were some Beatles anecdotes that popped in from time to time but there could have been so much more.  There were quotes and memories that have been told and seen before too.

I'd give it a grade of a B just barely above getting a B-  ; there was plenty of information about recording technology I learned and certainly the recording industry politics etc. 

Thanks for the summary/review, blmeanie. This one's been on my to-buy list for awhile, just haven't gotten around to it yet.


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