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Interview With Pauline Sutcliffe in Filmfax Magazine


Al Doshna, freelance writer and actor, recently interviewed Pauline Sutcliffe for the current issue of Filmfax Magazine (available around August 8th 2012).  Enjoy!

Is she telling once again how John Lennon murdered her brother?

Nope....most of this interview centers around Stuart's young life, because, in truth, that's pretty much the area Pauline is familiar with.  Stuart left the Sutcliffe home when he was only 16 (he was accepted at the Liverpool College of Art at a younger-than-usual age).  Although he returned to the familial residence occasionally, and though his contact with his sisters remained loyal (he wrote them many letters while in Hamburg), neither Joyce nor Pauline were witnesses to what was going on Stu's life when he was on his own.  Therefore their information was peripheral.  Thanks for asking!


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