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Anybody interested in a Secret Santa CD swap maybe?

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Hey all. Just wondering if anybody would be interested in doing a CD swap around Christmas time? I belong to another site and we do it every year with great results. Just make a CD with random songs you like and send it to the member you are paired with kind of thing. The other site we actually try to be secretive so that the other member can guess who it was that sent the CD, but we dont have to go to those lengths. I've seen CD's with 80+ songs (mp3's) and others with as little as 6. I usually send two with about 20 songs a piece on them because I have fun doing it.

Just something to think about. I have no issues sending to other countries too (Its a CD, how much can it possibly be?). I would volunteer to run the the thing which would include gathering the names and pairing them up with others and then providing the addresses and so forth. If anybody isnt comfortable with that, maybe one of the mods could help out (though I havent spoken to any of them). JYou would just send your name and address and what kind of music your into. I know we all dig the Beatles, but i'm sure some people have other interests like Prog, Jazz, Metal, etc,,,. I dont know, just an idea.

sounds really good Todd, Im in

I've been turned on to some really cool music through these means on the other site. If we have enough participation, we'll do it. If not, twas just an idea.

if it just you ane me Todd we can just send each other discs  ha2ha

I'm all for that.


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