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Anybody interested in a Secret Santa CD swap maybe?

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--- Quote from: Joost on December 31, 2012, 10:11:47 AM ---CD 2: GROETEN UIT HOLLAND

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Funny. I made a CD like this for Barry. But we have only one song in common (Johan).


--- Quote from: tkitna on December 31, 2012, 11:22:53 AM --- So thats where I saw it. Sorry.

Loved what i've heard so far. All the CD's I got so far have been excellent.

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Hi Todd, the guy next door came round yesterday, the stupid postman had put your CD's in their mailbox and theyve had it for a week !!!! he apologised for forgetting to bring it round ;(

Anyway I got 3 CD's of you and the 2 from Joost arrived the other day too, Im going into hospital in 2 weeks for pretty big surgery so Im gonna keep them for after that, I'll be in there for a week or so which will be pretty boring so it will give me some entertainment, so my review will be delayed for a bit ;)

Ok, I think this has run its course and I have people's personal information stored that I need to delete. I thought it was successful and maybe we can do it again next year. I have plans to post my reviews this week sometime. Thanks for everyones participation and patience once again.

Thanks for organizing this Todd. I really enjoyed it and Barry's cd is a jewel in my collection. ;-)

yeah nice one Todd ;)


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