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Anybody interested in a Secret Santa CD swap maybe?

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--- Quote from: tkitna on November 03, 2012, 01:02:52 AM ---Good lord your right. How did I do that. Your matchup will be with Dcazz my friend. So sorry and thanks for catching that for me. I looked at my messages for the info and the title for your post was different. No re:. I'm sending you the info now. Thanks again.

--- End quote ---

No worries  ;)

Alright, the messages have been sent so its on. I hope I didnt screw anything else up. I was impressed with how many countries are represented in such a small group. If anybody needs more information, feel free to contact me.

I cant wait to receive some new stuff. I like to review the CD once i've spun it a few times and hope everybody is up to that. I love to read what some people are into. It opens up new horizons when it comes to music.

Alright everybody, first of all I would like to apologize for my stupidity and the confusion trying to get this together. I would also like to thasnk you all for participating. I think it'll be fun in the end though.

Here's the final matchups and if anybody see's anything wrong, please let me know.

Rickenbacker325 - Hombre
Me - Mairi
Nimrod - Joost
Hello Goodbye - Bobber
Dcazz - Ibanez
peterbell1 - JimmyMccullochFan

Relax, it's all good.  We have plenty of time to put these together, which is the main thing.

Just went through some songs I want to put on the CD and tried to keep the count down, but still have 50 on the list.  ha2ha  I'm going to make two, but i'm still not going to get 25 per CD. I'll have to cut into the list some more. I'm also sending a bonus CD - The Pretty Things From Start To Finish. I want to go through the years and make a nice compilation. I'll have it done in a week or so and sent out. I dig this stuff.


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