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--- Quote from: Kevin on August 31, 2012, 06:57:39 AM ---Hi Mate.
I was 9 in 67, but aware enough of Pepper by the 70's. At that age The Monkees meant far more to me than The Beatles ever did  :)
Of course I don't deny deny Peppers monumental impact. It is rightly regarded as one of the most important albums of all time. My point more is that it broke through to the masses the idea of an album as an entity (I shudder to use the word concept.) But this was not a Beatle invention. Others had tried with less success, probably because a) they were not as good as The Beatles, or b) not as popular, so no-one really noticed.

--- End quote ---

There are some interesting interviews that were done in the late 60's where The Beatles being given credit for inventing the "concept" of Pepper tell the interviewer that they consider themselves the biggest "knackers" as they take a trend and do it better. I think that interview is where the BB Pet Sounds is first mentioned as an influence.

An interesting debate although coming back to LIB, it's definitely one of my favourtite albums.
In fact it's the first one I really listened to when I started listening to the Beatle 'properly' about 10 years ago.

Lennon's quips always make me smile and give it a kind of 'unfinished' demo feel, and I really like songs like Two Of Us, Across the Universe and of course Long & Winding and the title track.
I can appreciate how they were trying to get back to their roots and just have a good time with stuff like Maggie Mae and the One After 909, a wonderful nostalgic touch.

Spector's production isn't an issue for me at fact Long & Winding benfits from it as far as I'm concerned.

I only really learned afterwards how the creation and recording was all so tense and fraught but I don't think that comes through on the final album at fact it all seems quite "we're all having a good time making good music"!


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