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Way back in 2005 (!) I see Bobber (whom I used to be scared of) said he couldn't find many Stuart pictures.  If anyone's interested, you can find a zillion (more or less) on my blog:

(photo: fan art by Fred Jourdain)

Scared of me? Aren't you confusing me with pc31?

Hi't read any of pc31's posts (maybe I ought to).  As for my former fear of you (I actually resisted joining DM's because of it!), I mistook directness for negativity---I'm talking about things Stuart-related.  My mistake! Glad I joined up; this site allows thoughtful discussion.  Not easy to come by.

Well, what can I say? I'm sorry.
I'm used to be direct, I take it as a thing people in the area I'm living in are reacting on each other.

No need to apologize for my error!  I appreciate directness.  I admit to being over-sensitive when it comes to Stuart; far too many still tend to overlook his contributions.  But I no longer debate that question with anyone, since I feel there is plentiful evidence for those who are interested in learning, and it's useless trying to convince those who aren't.  My main motivation these days is underscoring the fact that Stuart was very intelligent, highly creative, sensitive toward others' feelings and decent.  That alone separates him from most celebrities touted in today's culture.  Whoa!  Got off an a tangent main point was: no apology needed at all, and I thank you for your reply. 


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