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Guess who is the richest musician in the world

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--- Quote ---Sir Paul McCartney is the most successful musician and composer in the history of pop music, with sixty gold discs, over 100 million single sales, and a net worth of $800 million.
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I just knew it! I don't mind if someone cashes his talent.
And the guys from so called the best band (Waters & Gilmour) are way behind him (20 & 21st).
(I guess their fans don't give them so much attention as we do to former Beatles members.)

And guess who is the richest drummer :P

I heard Oprah plays the piano.  :laugh:

I thought Jay-Z was a billionaire?


--- Quote ---We were known in Hamburg and we just wanted to be big in Liverpool. But the success didn't come overnight. We had to change a lot of planes, you know. 8) - Ringo
--- End quote ---

Beatles Reunion - Larry King Live (part 3)

Paul certainly is the richest "musician," however you want to define that, but he didn't get that way through being a musician. Huge chunks of his fortune come from 1) MPL, his music publishing outfit that owns, like, everything except his own Beatles tunes, and 2) his current wife's huge $200 million fortune. Writing and performing is not the way to really become mega-wealthy, though you might think otherwise. The two richest men in the music business, Clive Calder ("Zoomba") and Sir Cameron Mackintosh ("Les Miz"), didn't get to the top of the list through their performances or songwriting, and neither did Paul. He would be much further down the list if all he had to go on was his Beatles, Wings and solo artist pay. Of course, he'd hardly be on Beggar's Row, either.


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