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A video dedicated to Beatles' fans (idea)


I think it would be nice to make a video consisting of Beatles' fans with their reactions to Beatles' music on concerts and TV shows. party2
Why do I mean by that?
Well, maybe on 5 to 10% of total time we have reactions of fans filmed (the other 90% is, of course, Beatles performing).
Don't get me wrong - I don't have anything against it, it is nice to see how the boys are having fun and enjoying it on stage -
but I would like to reverse the thing - I want to show people's emotions.

Take a look here, for example:
The Beatles - Live Washington Coliseum 1964 (D.C., United States Remastered HD 1080p ORIGINAL)

So, before the concert starts, we have a close-up of a girl (at 00:10-00:16) who looks at the stage with binocular, it's like: Let me have a good look at them... and
then she comments something. At 00:21-00:24 when Beatles go up on the stage, a girl smiles and jumps of joy. When they perform, at 21:39 to 21:46 girl is enjoying
and at 32:28 - 32:32 a guy is enjoying the performance.

All that little bits (00:10-00:16 etc.) would be taken out of the video and put one after another - so we can watch (and enjoy) how people react (and enjoy)
Beatles' music! It could be done from taking out that interesting bits (reactions, emotions) from all American concerts & TV appearances (Ed Sullivan) as well as for British concerts and TV appearances.

Of course, since cutting that little peaces of video would also meant cutting the music, we could choose one song (She Loves You for instance) and that song would be the background
for the whole video. I don't know how much of video in length it would be when you would cut all those little bits, but maybe it would come to three minutes? Five minutes? (If it is six minutes, we need two songs.)

If we want to make it longer, we could use also some "welcoming footage" - but, again, not showing the Beatles (we all know why the girls are screaming), but show only the fans!
For example, like here
The Beatles - Pathe Newsreels - Off to America/Conquer America/Welcome Home - February, 1964
(at 00:41-00:43 two girls waving, 00:56-01:01 - girl overtaken by emotions, or at 10:30-10:34 showing again girls in ecstasy).
Well, music is (or should be) all about emotions, isn't it? party2

For comparison, let's see this - Beatles in Japan.
The Beatles Live in Japan 1966 Full Concert
Nice performance, we can certainly hear screaming of fans - but the camera doesn't show any of them, not for a second - they only show the stage.

Same thing with Royal Variety Performance - audience is shown just once - and the Queen is showed twice (well, we could count her in as a fan).
The Beatles - The Royal Variety Performance - Nov 4, 1963 (full concert) (Embedding disabled, limit reached)

So, now we need a volunteer who has time to go thru the videos of their concerts and to take out interesting bits and make it into a new video. glassesslip
The result can be posted on this thread.

The video could be called: Twist & Shout: You Know That' Can't Be Bad!

Why this kind of video? To show that the Beatles certainly gave more cheer than almost anyone else this century...(Derek Taylor).


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