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George & Paul's relationship after The Beatles

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I know there was a post about John and Paul making up prior to John’s death… I have a similar question about George and Paul.

I do know they made their peace in the last few years of George’s life (as George attended Linda McCartney’s memorial, and Paul visited George just weeks before his death). But if you notice in the Anthology video and book, George very seldom references McCartney alone, but goes on and on about John.

I also remember George stating that he would join another group with John and/or Ringo, but never again with Paul.

Did they have personal problems outside the Apple contract, etc.? Was their relationship ever that bad, if so what happened?

Like I said George seemed to almost worship John, but seemed to have little interest in Paul after The Beatles.


Honestly, I think that Paul could be very hard to work with; maybe a bit too controlling  5dp . He also sued the other Beatles to dissolve the group around 1970. They were probably more like close acquaintances around the '00s, and made up before George's death thankfully. I can't blame him for saying that he wouldn't want to be in another group with Paul if I was in his shoes, though.


But...y' bad could it be if you end up being part of what many consider to be the greatest band ever?

Just saying, were I in those shoes I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to do it.

Guess I really can't figure out the reasoning.


It came out on the Let It Be film, George grew very frustrated with Paul..

apparently, sometimes Paul would get to the studio first because he lived round the corner (and he was a workaholic) and put down a lead guitar solo before George even got there, I think Pauls controlling of what George should play really annoyed him.

in the movie he says "I'll play whatever it is you want me to play or I wont play at all, whatever makes you happy..'

I think George had had enough of Paul controlling by then. He'd rather go off and play with Eric Clapton and other friends.

although it has to be said that John was very upset not to be mentioned in Georges book 'I Me Mine'

I can see how George could be bitter about some of the things Paul did while they were still in the Beatles. Don't get me wrong, I love Paul to death, but I know I couldn't work with him.

During some of the interviews in Anthology I felt there was still some tension between George and Paul. I don't know if that's my imagination, but it felt there was still some distance there. I hope they did get closer before George passed away, like Paul has hinted at.

I really do like that Paul often does 'Something' in honor of George during his concerts though. That's a sweet tribute to an old friend.   


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