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Poll: Which Is Your Favorite Version Of Love Me Do?

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Hello Goodbye:
Which is your favorite version of Love Me Do?

1. 6 June 1962 with Pete Best on drums, as part of their audition at EMI Studios (Anthology)

The Beatles Love Me Do Anthology 1 version

2. 4 September 1962, with Ringo Starr (Past Masters)

The Beatles - Love Me Do (Past Masters, Vol. 1)

3. 11 September 1962, with Andy White (Please Please Me)

The Beatles - Love Me Do

Hello Goodbye:
As for me, my favorite is the Pete Best version.  I know it's been criticized for his change of drum pattern, but I like what he did.  I also prefer the vocals on this version.

I've just listened to all three again and I definitely prefer Andy White.

But actually it's not that simple. I like the version with Andy White because the harmonica is better, Paul's vocal is better, the fade is better and Ringo's tambourine gives it more punch and covers up the rather pedestrian bass.

Good ol' Ringo !

In My Life:
This was a very well-timed poll! I had a hard time deciding, as I always do when I have to choose a favorite anything. The Pete Best version kind of drags but Paul's vocal is pretty soulful. That's cool. I wanted to choose the Ringo version because I always picture his sad face when he was relegated to the tambourine. After many times of listening to all three versions though I had to go with Andy White. As I listened I noticed that I have more trouble staying still with that one. It's got a good beat and it's easy to dance to as they used to say. That's probably a lame reason but it's all I've got!

Give me Ringo's version off of Vertical Man

Ringo Starr - Love me do

Out of the three listed, i'd take Andy White's version.


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