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The Beatles: 1962 - Love Me Do - BBC Documentary


I am the Paulrus:
The Beatles: 1962 - Love Me Do - BBC Documentary

On October 5th 1962, fifty years ago, The Beatles released their first single Love Me Do. It was a moment that changed music history and popular culture forever. It was also an extraordinary year in social and cultural history, not just for Liverpool but for the world, with the Cuban missile crisis, John Glenn in space and beer at a shilling a pint. Stuart Maconie explores how the Beatles changed from leather and slicked back hair to suits and Beatle mops and how their fashion set the pace for the Sixties to follow. Pop artist Sir Peter Blake, Bob Harris, and former Beatles drummer Pete Best join friends to reflect on how the Beatles evolved into John, Paul, George and Ringo the most famous band in the world.

View here: The Beatles: 1962 - Love Me Do - BBC Documentary

Thanks for the video. That with the 50 years I knew, but I did not know.

Hello Goodbye:
And thank you for posting this documentary too, Paulrus.

Great stuff Paulrus, thanks for this ;)

Nice, fun documentary! Thanks. By the way, in someones book I read that Lennon stole that harmonica from a music store in Hamburg!


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