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Author Topic: 3 John Lennon news articles and updates - updated  (Read 465 times)

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3 John Lennon news articles and updates - updated
« on: October 13, 2012, 04:56:25 AM »

I came extremely close to not posting and allmost completely deleting this news article.About that evil sick,violent drug kingpin.And his sick statue he created about John.But I decide to not do censorship on this article

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Behold The World's Worst John Lennon Statue

Carlos Lehder wasn't just the kingpin of the Medellin drug cartel – he was also a neo-Nazi and a hardcore Beatles fan. He opened a German-themed resort hotel called the Posada Alemena in Pereira, Colombia at the peak of his wealth and power in the early Eighties. This statue was erected in the hotel's courtyard only a few years after Lennon was murdered in New York. It is, you see, Lehder's tribute to the fallen Beatle.

link corrected


Beatle fan tells how letter from John Lennon came to be included in new book

Beatles fan Lizzie Bravo, whose voice is on the the group's song “Across the Universe,” revealed Friday how a note to her from John Lennon came to be used in the newly published “The John Lennon Letters”


John Lennon's 72nd birthday celebrations were 'magical' and full of love

John Lennon’s 72nd birthday celebrations October 9 and 10th this week have been full of magic and heart-felt tributes to the late Beatle. Lennon’s memory clearly shined as a never-to-be-forgotten hero to the throngs of fans that came out to honor him, in Los Angeles, Louisiana, and New York. Thanks to Jeff Slate, Jerry Rubin, Pat Tyson, and Jude Kessler for sending us their reports and photos of their special nights, which we will share with you here.


One of John's birthday cakes


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