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San Diego Beatlefair 2012


I am the Paulrus:
San Diego Beatlefair 2012
SATURDAY, OCT 27 2:00P TO 11:00P
at Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center, San Diego, CA
Beatlemania returns to San Diego this October with Beatlefair 2012 At Queen Bees - A Celebration Of 50 Years Of BEATLES. This will be the first fair in 8 years. Our Special guest this year is Beatles legend Tony Sheridan, bringing countless stories of his days playing with The Beatles in their earliest days in Hamburg, Germany.

I think I'll skip this year.

In My Life:

--- Quote from: Bobber on October 13, 2012, 06:54:25 PM ---I think I'll skip this year.

--- End quote ---

That's kind of a long drive for you anyway.  ;) My daughter spent 2 weeks in San Diego this summer, studying dolphins and sea lions.


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