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Just wanted to discuss here and what the general feeling about her amongst Beatle fans, Ive just finished reading Fred Seamans book about his time at the Dakota.......maddeningly we will never know how accurate it all is, could be 100% truth, could be 50% truth etc etc
He paints a picture of Yoko as someone who is sick and fed up with John and just wants him out of the way, she hides herself 'downstairs' in Studio 1 on the phone day & night while John has to amuse himself with Sean all day, when he tries to book even lunch with 'Mother' she keeps him waiting outside her office and then tells him to go without here, then she apparently has an affair with Sam Green after John has gone to Bermuda, John hounds her to visit him & Sean in Bermuda she eventually goes but sulks the weekend away and leaves early etc etc
Then Fred says at the end of his book that she makes the most of his death by releasing demo tapes and all sorts of John stuff, even selling his songs for TV adds in places like Japan.
Its obvious Fred didnt like her and a lot of Beatle fans still blame here for splitting up the band, sitting in on recording Let It Be, turning Johns head all the time into doing crazy stunts and eventually having some kind of power over him - keeping him in check so to speak

John obviously loved her very much and seemed to need here, she had something deep that Cynthia (or anyone else) never gave him and he wanted the world and the fans to accept her as part of him.......what are your feelings about Yoko ?

Getting him sniffing heroine!
I had to think about this a bit. I haven't read the book but if becoming intertwined wih his persona was her goal? She succeeded.
I think he's right about her. She sent him to LA for almost two years with May Pang for comfort and to report(?) to her his goings on till he wanted to come home. Then I would say he was under her control as he basically disappeared for 5 years. I'm sure she took care of herself for the time he was away. I could be presumtuous but thats my feeling about it. In the end I don't think I like her very much either, just a fact of life she's here and did what she did.

She's a C#^T!!!!!!


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Don't hold back.  Tell us how you really feel.


--- Quote from: tkitna on October 16, 2012, 12:58:26 AM ---She's a C#^T!!!!!!

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