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Hello Goodbye:
I ordinarily don't care much for disco, but Laura Branigan sang this song so well...


Laura Branigan - Gloria (HQ 1080p HD Upscale)

It was used for Jeanie's skating scene in Flashdance...

Flashdance (1983) - Jeanie's Skate Scene

Tragically, both Laura Branigan and Sunny Johnson, who played Jeanie, died due to ruptured brain aneurysms.

I gotta go with Eric Claptons "The way that you use it" from "The color of money"
Eric Clapton - It's In The Way That You Use It
 Also from "The color of money" Warren Zevons "Werewolves of London"
werewolves of london
Just brings back memories of spending 12 hrs a day in the pool room 8)

Used in "Easy Rider".

The Byrds- I Wasn't Born To Follow

Neil Diamond - Be

I always loved this little part of Dazed and Confused. Ironically, it didnt make the soundtrack.

Dazed and Confused- Emporium Entrance


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