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Are The Beatles still relevant today?

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1. How did you discover The Beatles?  My mom actually told me about them in 1964 and let me watch on the Ed Sullivan show.

2. What is your all-time favourite Beatles song? Why so?   Penny Lane at the moment.  I think it's the perfect pop song.

3. Do you prefer The Beatles above today’s influential pop(ular) artists and bands (Muse, Lady Gaga, Florence + The Machine, Mumford & Son’s, etc…). Why (not)?   Yes for the most part.  I'm not a total dinosaur; I like some modern stuff, but give me The Beatles any day.

4. In their songs The Beatles have addressed many different themes (ranging from love to eastern esotericism). Which themes appeal most to you? Why so?   They weren't the first 60s band to do so, but I like how they broke away form just love songs and starting writing about a lot of topics.

5. While other bands that were popular in the sixties have largely been forgotten, The Beatles have retained massive popularity. Why do you think that is?
Actually, a lot of 60s bands are still popular (and still exist), but The Beatles do have a mystique that people do like.  Plus, they were just so darn good!


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