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Paul McCartney - Figure Of Eight

How come I hadn't heard this before? That vocal sounds raw and unhealthy.

What a voice.

I'm confused. You've never heard 'Figure Of Eight' before or is there something special about this version (didnt appear to be any different to me)?

This version, I think it's a mix of a live and a studio performance, it's 2 minuets longer aswell.

It's the best track I've heard from this late 80's early 90's bunch. I don't go a bundle on that line-up but this song is smoking.

I'll have to listen to the whole thing. I wasnt thrilled with that lineup either, but I do like 'Tripping The Live Fantastic".

Never sought out a copy of Tripping The Live Fantastic, it'll have to wait though. I have Back In The World and Good Evening NYC for live Macca. I expect I'll get a hold of the remastered Wings Over America when it turns up sometime next year.

Should I ever bother getting Paul Is Live?


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