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Author Topic: [Band's] best album  (Read 1330 times)

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[Band's] best album
« on: November 04, 2012, 10:16:10 AM »

Inspired by a topic from another forum, I thought this might be fun. The title says it all : pick a band and the album that you consider their best. Try to motivate your choice, if possible.

'Bridge Over Troubled Water' is Simon & Garfunkel's swan song. While the first two albums were kind of folk-ish and tended to get boring and bland at times and 'Bookends' showed their experimental side, but maybe got a bit over the top at times with things like 'Voices Of Old People', 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' sees them as a much more mature band, knowing exactly what to do and finding the perfect balance between the material that lies within their own limitations. Whether it's an acoustic tune, a piano-driven ballad or an up-beat joyful song, everything sounds natural and masterful, like they've been doing it for ages. The song-writing is excellent (Paul has really reached his top here), the vocals and harmonies as sweet as ever and the instrumentation fits about every song. And no filler this time, either (at least, not in in my eyes). What can you expect more? I think the fact that they broke up right after the release of the album is kind of a relief, because I don't know how this masterpiece could've been topped.
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Re: [Band's] best album
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2012, 02:43:32 AM »

"Leftoverture" - Kansas

'Leftoverture' is the album in which Kansas reached the height of their creative talents. Everything seemed to meld together in a way that allowed the album to seamlessly flow from beginning to end. Kerry Livgren wrote almost everything here with just some input on a few songs from the other members, and it shows. He was in a class by himself when it came to the songwriting duties within the band. The record starts off with the powerful, popular, and daring 'Carry On My Wayward Son' with its opening three part harmonies and hard hitting guitar and drum work. 'The Wall' follows as a slower, heavier song with heartfelt lyrics. Cuts to the core if you really listen. 'Whats On My Mind' is a ripper that reminds me of how good the band is. A perfect balance of prog and rock. 'Miracles Out Of Nowhere' has become one of the bands more popular songs and its deserving. Powerful and provoking. The next song ('Opus Insert') always felt like it was taking me further along through the journey with its keyboard beginning sounding like wind and so forth. 'Questions Of My Childhood' is the next tune and its just a nice short, progressive/pop song that doesnt really feel like it fits into the context of the album, but its nice enough regardless. A darker, indian themed song follows with 'Cheyenne Anthem'. I really like the song and it leads us to the final song that is the epic 'Magnum Opus'.

I love this album. There are no weaknesses here. Plenty of talent on display with songs that are wickedly good. 'Point Of No Return' may be more popular due to the title song and 'Dust In The Wind', but its an inferior package. 'Leftoverture' has just enough prog to quench the thirst of the heaviest progressive rock fans, but its also easy enough on the pallet for the everyday rock/pop lovers too. Their best effort and highly recommended.

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