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Wedding Album

John & Yoko
This track consists of the couple's heartbeat and John and Yoko repeating each other's names over and over again for over 22 minutes. They change the timber of their voices, producing shouts, pleas, whispers and other ways to call someone's name. Very interesting to listen to. Not. Plus it's a bit long.

John's solo output is beginning to become completely embarressing at this point. This track covers the complete b-side of the album and is a documentary type of thing about the bed-in in Amsterdam. The first five minutes are once again painful to the ears when Yoko is singing 'let's hope for peace'.

Then there's a seven minute interview with John and Yoko about protesting for peace and living in peace. After two and half album of pure sh*t it's refreshing to hear them speak normally.

The next segment has the sound of seagulls, some noise, John announcing to stay in bed and dialogues recorded during the bed-in. It's followed by an interview and some Indian music. Then Yoko comes in once again, singing Stay In Bed. John sings a line of the Beatles song (!) Goodnight, strums his guitar somewhat and says 'Oh yeah'. Not very uplifting.

All in all, the interview parts on the track 'Amsterdam' are at least listenable and interesting in a historical context. The album lacks a hit single.

Did anybody ever actually buy this sh*t? I cant think of a torture any worse then hearing them call each others name over a heartbeat for 22 minutes.


--- Quote from: tkitna on November 09, 2012, 10:21:53 AM ---I cant think of a torture any worse then hearing them call each others name over a heartbeat for 22 minutes.

--- End quote ---

I survived. Not sure about my present psychological state of mind tho.

I was hoping for more contribution on the microscopes on John's solo carreer actually. lol. I think I'm switching to George or Ringo after this.

I'll review every John and George studio album. I'll review the Ringo and Goodnight Vienna albums for Ringo.


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