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Bought one about a month ago and Im enjoying learning it, (although Im no George Formby) very simple to play, good xmas pressie for anyone who's a bit musical, a really easy thing to learn..

I saw this on Concert For George DVD and after a short while I could play it (The McCartney part)

[youtube] Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton - Something (Concert for George)[/youtube]


I was inspired to pick up a uke after seeing this and also made 'Something' the first thing I learned.

I always found it interesting that George was so fundamentally responsible for popularizing the sitar - one of the most difficult instruments to master - in the 60's, then advocated and popularized the uke - one of the easiest instruments to learn - in later life. I could almost imagine a certain degree of ironic humor intended with this on George's part, although it's probably not the case.

Fun to play, great at beach parties.


In My Life:
That's neat guys. I was working outside one evening last summer and all of a sudden I heard someone playing a ukulele. It went on for quite a while and was quite good. That's not something that happens very much!


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