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Its Tuesday in Oz, Mondy in the US and somewhere inbetween in the UK so its time for a new one - The Word

and the word is .....LOVE


its the anniversary of Rubber Soul this week so a great song from that wondrous album, one of those great songs that both John & Paul both sing on, (and it has a great melisma)  tell us what you think of it...

The format used for this song consists of verses and bridges, which has been ultra common throughout the Beatles catalog up to this point.  However, there is a strikingly unique similarity between this song and their 1963 sleeper “Little Child” that may surprise many.  The verses in both of these songs contain all the harmonies while the bridges are sung solo by John.  Also, the usual pattern for bridges in Beatles songs stipulates that the lyrics are identical whenever the bridge is repeated.  However, with both of these tracks, the lyrics are different each time the bridge occurs, “The Word” having THREE bridges all with unique lyrics.

For a deeper explanation of the lyrics, John relates:  “It sort of dawned on me that love was the answer, when I was younger, on the ‘Rubber Soul’ album.  My first expression of it was a song called ‘The Word.’  The word is ‘love.’  ‘In the good and the bad books that I have read,’ whatever, wherever, the word is ‘love.’  It seems like the underlying theme to the universe.  Everything that was worthwhile got down to this love, love, love thing.  And it is the struggle to love, be loved and express that (just something about love) that’s fantastic.  I think that whatever else love is – and it’s many, many things – it is constant.  It’s been the same forever.  I don’t think it will ever change.  Even though I’m not always a loving person, I want to be that, I want to be as loving as possible.”

original coloured lyric sheet by John & Paul

It's a very early hippie sort of lyric, with the emphasis on peace and love. I think I like it better than All You Need Is Love, actually, it's a bit more creative lyrically and it's got all those cool bridges.


Probably my second fave Beatles song. Definitely my fave on RS. Much under-appreciated by many, I fear.


The Beatles first psychedelic song in my opinion. I like it. Ringo does some good stuff in this tune. Love the bass line too. I dont have much bad to say about it. The falsetto harmonies might get to a normal person eventually, but they dont bother me. Great song and one of my favorites from Rubber Soul.

"The Word" has always been one of my very favourite songs. It's pretty funky, Paul's bass is awesome, Ringo's work predicted psychedelic drumming, John's voice during the bridges is at top form, and the harmonium gives an orgasmic ending. The song was also kinda prophetic, announcing the Summer of Love two years before.

Surely the Beatles didn't mean this, but the lyrics always remind me to the Bible: "the word is the light; the word is the way; the word is love." You know, Jesus is the Word (John 1:1).


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