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How to validate autographs etc. (1964)

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I am sorry but did not know what part of the forum to put it have not yet attached a scan but I have a card with the 4 Beatles autographs on it (but not sure it is authentic ).

My late husband collected a large amount of Beatles items from notebooks to lunch pail to dolls, even John Lennons coffee table....We had on our wall in a matted frame the album cover "Meet the Beatles' and within the same frame the card was placed and on the outer of the frame a brass plaque stating 1964.

My husband 'normally' purchased things from highly reputable sources such as Christies or Sotheby's but I can't verify that he did in this case as within the frame there is no statement of authenticity etc. Did open it and remove the items to see.

The signatures appear to be in pencil....or something similar to that and the card is rather yellowed.    I sent them to see if someone in UK would be interested in a purchase and they thought they are not authentic however my late husband was just such a stickler on not having fake items it is hard to believe, though....he may have been duped himself.

Going to attach a scan in the frame....I realize noone can say for 100% sure but perhaps someone will know something, I did contact the guy who does the most of these authentications but he is not taking any new work.   I did find one set of signatures online that are authentic from 1964 that have some of the same styles as these, including the 'point' of ink or pencil in the L in Paul's signature being in the exact right place.

In any case even if these are not real I have a lot of Beatles memorabilia we want to sell that is for sure authentic, thanks for any hints on these signatures .

I also have a letter from Yoko to John but this is on their letterhead so much more chance of authenticity


Sir John Johns:
Did you send them to Tracks in the uk?

from what I understand, though, Neil Aspinall signed 90% of the stuff

Why yes I did :)!   And I am not really doubting them but at the same time I am shocked as my husband was really really BIG on authenticity, for instance he rarely buys ANYTHING outside of a very well run and highly authentic auction house.      We still get catalogues to buy from Christies and Sotheby's etc.

He purchased some items from Roy Rogers museum was a stickler to get the authenticity statements etc. 

It is just possible though that these were signed by Neil or perhaps just a fake altogether and my husband was simply fooled!!    Sadly I can not ask my husband as he passed away in July suddenly and so it will just be a matter of finding the right person to have a look.     I read that many times depending on if it was signed on someones hand, back, in the air etc. (on the run) and with a pen/pencil and what year (this said 1964 on the frame) that it could alter the signatures significantly.

Sir John Johns:
My only other suggestion would be the big auction houses like Sothebys, etc

You mean to authenticate them? Yea....oh boy...I might be stuck with these forever LOL. Perhaps I am meant to be!!

The issue is while they may not be authentic there is that slight off chance that perhaps they are (unless someone here see's them who really knows and says "Oh I really don't think so!!) and if there is that slight chance then I guess I should just hold on until someone comes along who can truly know.

Given that they were written in 1964 and their siggy's were in such flux in that year it is a hard call for anyone I think but its safer for people like the uk people to say fake than to take a chance and be taken by fake signatures.

The P in Paul goes way down low which it did in some of his siggy's that year, the L matches an authentic siggy I saw..however there is the fact the P and how the a loops into the P don't really match any time period etc.  But was he on the run? Signing on someones back? Did their agent sign it? Did one of the other beatles sign it for him etc.

Who knows but thank you for at least answering me with some sort of answer.

Still confused but at least noone is saying they look totally fake.....I would have almost felt better had someone done so LOL.  Now I am still confused as heck.

The John Lennon looks fairly good, the Ring fairly decent, the Paul is the weird one and then the George is sort of middle of the road. Woe is me.

Thank you again!!


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