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McCartney - Cut Me Some Slack

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Thank you Apple Beatle for posting this on Facebook.
Paul McCartney and a Nirvana reunion.

Paul McCartney + Dave Grohl and friends - "Cut Me Some Slack" (Jam)

In My Life:
Paul sounded really good last night. I'm glad I stayed up until the end.

Would you have a free ticket for that Todd?

Paul McCartney + Nirvana Members - Cut Me Some Slack (Studio Version)

In My Life:
Did anyone else catch this again on SNL? I don't know if it was because I was watching on my old TV in the kitchen but it sounded awful to me. The music just overpowered Paul's voice. I'm getting the feeling that doing this song is taking a toll on Paul's voice. He sounded much better overall at the concert than he did Saturday night.

I think its the SNL studio, but I could be wrong. Lot of people sound weird or off on that show.


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