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A lot of people on here probably already know this. But I thought I'd mention it. There's a Beatles version of the Scrabble boardgame out! I just found this out about a week ago and am totally gonna buy it. Sounds amazing. I guess if you create a word related to the Beatles in any way, you get bonus points. And there's cards involved. That's all I know so far.

Has anyone played this yet?

I bought it last year around Christmas if I'm not mistaken (or maybe it was the year prior) but I have not yet opened it. Wish I could help you out. I also have the Beatles Monopoly game - do you have that one?

You've had it that long? I thought it was brand new and I read that it made its debut this fall.
Yeah I have Monopoly too. I'm interested to see if they'll come out with yet another Beatles-themed game in the near future, lol.

This is so cool! I haven't seen it anywhere so far, but when I googled the game it said it just came out fall 2012.
I have Beatles monopoly, although most of my non-Beatles friends aren't interested in trying it :p

^Yeah, I'm excited about it.  party2

I found out about it on It's the world's largest online/catalog Beatles store, check it out if you haven't. I also saw it in the music and CD section of Barnes & Noble bookstore.

I make my dad play the Beatles games with me, lol. I have Trivial Pursuit too. They should also just invent an all-new Beatles game that isn't just a Beatles version of Monopoly, Scrabble, etc. I think that would be cool, lol. We had to make our own boardgames in an art class I had a few years back in 11th grade. I made one called "The Beatles World Tour." The board was a map of the world, and a pathway went all throughout it and you had to land in like five or six different countries. Each player picks the Beatle they want to be, and out of clay I made stands for the pieces and a die that used music notes and hearts for the dots on it, lol. There were cards too, and the goal of the game was to be the Beatle with the most fans at the end of the tour. And I had to make instructions. It was just a goony little game, I should post pics, lol.

I also wanna get that original Beatles Flip Your Wig game from the early '60s, it's on ebay.  :laugh:


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