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Author Gottfridsson Honored as 2013 Grammy Awards Nominee

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Dr. Hans Olof Gottfridsson sent us this from Sweden: he’s honored to be a 2013 Grammy Awards nominee for his Beatles First Recordings album notes.

Dr. Gottfridsson is the author of several fascinating books about the 1960’s Hamburg music scene:
The Beatles From Cavern to Star-Club, Beatles Bop – Hamburg Days, British Beat in Hamburg, The Beatles With Tony Sheridan.  Currently working on Echoes of Hamburg 

Remarkable, because he's proven wrong on some points.


--- Quote from: stuartblogtumblr on December 17, 2012, 10:15:23 PM ---I have read that as well---that his specifics are sometimes inaccurate.  You know, it's remarkable how diffused information gets, especially about events occurring so far back as Hamburg in the early sixties.  The memories of those who were there sometimes seem to fall victim to their own over-telling of the same story again and again; and then there's personal perspectives---not everybody saw the same event in the same way, you know?  As for Dr. Gottfridsson, I know him to be a very helpful correspondent---not one to evade questions, and honest when he doesn't know the answers.  It's cool to try to get the correct facts, dates and sequences of events; but even the Beatles themselves often screw this stuff up.  Thanks for the comment, Bobber...always happy to hear from you!

--- End quote ---

Of course, I understand that documentation was not very accurate in those days and it's hard to get to truth to the surface. Personally, I rely more on Eric Krasker to be honest.

And thank you for the comment as well and likewise.

Eric is even a member in here. You will find more on his work in the books section.


--- Quote from: stuartblogtumblr on December 18, 2012, 04:17:18 PM ---I always find myself in distinguished company here at DM's.  I'll definitely check out the books section...hope Eric's are available to purchase, 'cuz I'm fresh out of Beatle-related tomes, and I don't think I'm going to tackle the Lennon Letters.  Once again, Bobber, my thanks.

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I'm pretty sure Eric is willing to sell one of his books. ;)


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