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Fake goods


Theres this big Hoo Haa in the guitar world about Chinese fake guitars with Fender & Gibson & Rickenbacker logos on them, in fact most top brands...

You can buy a fake Gibson Les Paul on tradetang.com for about $AU300 whereas a real one in a shop here would be $AU3000 at least, some people think this is ok but the trouble is some horrible twats buy these to then sell as the genuine item to people who dont really know what theyre looking at..

OK the safe way to buy a Gibson is from a Gibson dealer shop, (you may think) but a big store in the US was just found out selling fake Gibsons, the owner is in jail now, but his unlucky customers are stuck with fake guitars.

It seems you can buy fake nearly everything now on the internet or a trip to Thialand, whats your take on this ? I think its becoming a huge problem, with technology getting better & better, will it get to the point where we just wont know what is fake and whats real ?

Serial numbers


--- Quote from: tkitna on December 21, 2012, 12:36:33 AM ---Serial numbers

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they copy them of real guitars

With a little experience it's easy to tell the difference - sound and appearance.  :)


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