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I have an original Vee-Jay album of "Songs, Pictures and Stories of the Fabulous Beatles" that was my mom's when she was a kid in the '60s. It's the same as the album Introducing the Beatles except for the packaging. In fact, the record inside even says "Introducing the Beatles" on it. I played it, and it still sounds great except for a little crackling. I have never seen the album anywhere else (like in record stores) and if we didn't have it I may not have even heard of it.

I looked it up online, and am seeing some pretty high prices, but also lower ones. Someone reviewed it on and said there's only 400,000 copies manufactured. I'm wondering if they have their facts right or not. I also tried looking the album up on wikipedia, but there was no page for it. I don't have much knowledge about how much things are worth, so if anyone on here does, let me know what you think of this. Thanks! For the heck of it, here's some pictures I took of the front cover, inside, and back cover. It's not in the greatest condition ever, but isn't too bad.

This is funny:

Hello Goodbye:
Your LP is relatively rare, Julia, in that packaging format.  See this listing at the Music Stack website for pricing of the different varieties (Vee-Jay logos on the record label) and grades for that LP:,+pictures+and+stories+of&search_type=title&media=vinyllp


I think it's funny how they have the Introducing the Beatles label on the record. And the packaging says VJ 1092 while the label on the record says VJ 1062. So the record does not match the packaging. It's interesting.

Hello Goodbye:
These two links should help explain...

Yes so rare with my Pups ;yes ;sorry


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