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Song Of The Week - Dear Prudence

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Nice thread. Well done, nimrod. And thank you for that photo of Jane, Hello Goodbye.  :P

Might be my favorite beatles song. I think this is one of Johns timless songs with great imagery and compassion.
When I listen to it I hear 4 ( maybe 5) guitar parts which is one of my favorite things to do, seperate Beatles guitar parts (or try). The two intro guitar parts where John does his Donavan inspired riff throughout the song and behind that is George doing an electric rythm. This goes on through the whole song. At 1:50, George comes in with a short lead riff which opens up the song to it's gradually intensifying cresendo. At 2;15 Georges lead starts a bit quietly and builds with each verse until it's magnificent last verse (this is a similar lead method George used in Dr. Robert, as his lead starts rather small but by the 3rd verse it becomes a very intense lead that dominates the song). When The lead starts I think I hear an over dub of an second guitar matching at lower tone right behind  the main notes . This is why I say maybe 5 guitar parts. At the same time Georges lead starts, John (I believe) John comes in with a single grinding chord that is repeated through out till the end of the song where the song reverts to the same 2 guitars in the intro until it fades.
I think this may be the best guitar work of all time. It is truly "crafted and I never get tired of hearing this one!
Let me know what you think!

Easily my very favorite song from the White Album and has always been a Top 10 (and maybe a Top 5) for me. A beautiful touch of sweetness, something hard to find in John's catalog. Paul's drumming is amazing, maybe that's why John said that Ringo wasn't even the best drummer in the Beatles (though I don't agree).


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