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Song Of The Week - Dear Prudence

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looking at those pics Baz, I bet the people on them would just love to go back to those days, wonder how the very working class hairdresser Maureen got on living with the very middle class and well educated Jane :D

Hello Goodbye:
Rishikesh brought out Jane's freckles...


Hello Goodbye:
The Beatles - "Dear Prudence" Stereo Remaster

Top two or three Beatle tunes for me ever. Love it. John is just too smooth as usual and the guitar is nice and crisp. Bass sounds awesome and I love the drumming and piano. I've never read anywhere that hasent stated that Paul was the drumer, but I admit, it sure does sound like Ringo. It has his style written all over it, but it was Paul. I never tire of the song and shush everybody in the room when it comes on. 

For any budding guitarists  ;D

How to play "Dear Prudence"


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