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Surgery time..

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Well friends tomorrow is the day Ive been kinda dreading, I go into hospital for a new Aortic valve in my heart, its 'open heart' surgery so Im gonna be in there about a week all being well and then about 6 - 8 weeks recovery at home, Im hoping to be back on line in a week and a half or so after I get home, well thats the plan anyway  ???

Soooooooooo.....I'll chat to y'all in about 10 or 12 days hopefully, have fun while Im gone   ha2ha

Keep us posted asap Kevin. Will be praying for you.


--- Quote from: tkitna on January 22, 2013, 12:52:05 AM ---Keep us posted asap Kevin. Will be praying for you.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Todd, can you or Baz nip over and feed the Roo's :D

Hello Goodbye:

I'm confident that all will go well tomorrow.  You're in good hands.


What do roos like to eat?   ;)


I'll be praying for you, Kevin. I hope all goes well. Please keep us posted!


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