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Surgery time..

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Hi Kevin,
How did the surgery go? I hope your on the mend!


Hi all
Thanks for your good wishes and prayers, I think it helped as everything went well and Im back home now, obviously very delicate with the wires holding my sternum together till it heals, I had a couple of horrible days of nausea post op but after that it wasnt too bad, Ive lost 4gk (9lbs) and Ive started my exercise physio journey back to fitness, Ive bought a good treadmill (its a bit hot to walk the streets here atm) so I can measure distances accurately, I just walked 300 metres in 10 minutes.
Im waking every morning at 5 am and have to get up, I think its because I cant roll over have to stay on my back for obvious reasons and Im not used to sleeping on my back so that kinda sucks :)
Overall though Im extremely positive and determined to be twice as fit as I was, dont worry though I wont overdo it, Im an engineer so Im used to following instructions :)

Im on Warfarin forever now so Ive quit drinking as well as eating a very healthy diet (last 6 months) which contains no junk food at all.

Hello Goodbye:
It's nice to hear this, Kevin!  You've got the finest nurse in the world, so do exactly what she says.


Great to know you're very well nimrod! Have a fast recovery!

Yes good news! keep up the good work and get well.


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