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BBC Radio 2 'Please Please Me' special


Hi - just read this:
Mick Hucknall and Stereophonics join forces to cover the Beatles
Artists set to re-record Beatles debut Please Please Me at Abbey Road studios for the BBC

--- Quote ---Mick Hucknall and Stereophonics are among a group of artists who have announced plans to cover the Beatles' debut album. On 11 February, a gang of jamming musicians will revisit all 14 songs on Please Please Me, with the results airing on BBC Radio 2.

Recording will take place at Abbey Road, the same studios where the Beatles worked in 1963. Throughout the 12-hour project, Radio 2's Jo Whiley will check in with fellow DJ Stuart Maconie, discussing the process, listening to samples, and talking to some of the original Please Please Me contributors, including engineer Richard Langham and former Beatles press officer Tony Barrow.

This new session will take place exactly 50 years after John, Paul, George and Ringo went into studio with George Martin...
--- End quote ---

Euan Buchan:
I hope it be released on CD tonight on BBC4 at 9pm there is a documentary about Mobdays session followed by a Arena Special on Brian Epstien.

Sir John Johns:
mick hucknall WITH the stereophonics! - shoot me now  roll:)

Was it any good?

Some short clips on the official Radio 2 youtube channel

and some audio recordings on this channel:


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