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Beatles film project, any help much appreciated!

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You could try getting in touch with Mark Lewisohn.

The first tome of his definitive Beatles story is coming out later this year and will, I imagine, include the Hamburg period.

You should also read Eric Krasker's book Fact and Fiction which concentrates on 1960-1962.

And of course this site:

I'm definitely going to look into these two authors, and the 'Fact from Fiction' book, these are exactly the sort of contacts we're going to need! Thanks for that :)

Heres our most recent project update:

Week 3 update

Hey guys! We hope all is well in the land of Beatle fandom.

First of all I’d like to introduce you guys to the team who, for the next few years, will be working on this Hamburg Beatles Project:

Mark Ashmore from Future Artists will be the project manager/producer, pointing us in the right direction, overseeing our progress and giving us pep talks.

George Roberts is a Music Tech student from Huddersfield University who has worked with Future Artists the past year, and will be assisting in managing the project. Also providing his musical wisdom.

Joanna Pomfret, a film graduate from Futureworks, will also be acting as an assistant project manager, providing her film-based wisdom.

Sophie Broadgate is a young experienced film maker/film graduate from MMU and has previously worked with the likes of the BBC, providing her documentary-based wisdom.

Megan Lewis is the apprentice of Future Artists and has much experience in media/social research.

Carla Freeman is also a graduate from MMU in Interactive Arts, and will be helping with distribution and post production.

Over the next few weeks we’re looking to collaborate with Beatles fans, sourcing any info/photos/contacts/websites which would help us along with our research. Our main reason for undertaking this project is because we beleive there are many people out there who, just like us, would love to see this film made. We’re hoping these people will help us through the different stages of the project (sourcing, funding, filming, distributing) to essentially label this a fan-made Beatles Documentary. We’ve received great support so far, which we are extremely grateful for, here’s some nice websites we’ve been recommended:
A great fan-made website archiving Hamburg Beatles media and information.
A website by the artists Mark Rehkopf, who produces stunning Beatles artwork, as well as none Beatles artwork too.
An archive of all releases from The Beatles ‘Apple’ label.
A website sourcing all the Beatles records on different labels, containing lots of info and an excellent gallery of pictures.

We want to hear from you via social media!
Keep up to date with us in the following places:

A pity for you that Tony Sheridan passed away.

Yes I was pretty gutted to hear of it :( only 72 years old too, it would have been great to meet him.


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